« the sthlm comtes de champagne tasting » may'15

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Letter to Monsieur Taittinger from Ian Flemming

9tf of April '63


TASTING NOTE ‘Fine Champagne Magazine voted this as the best champagne they tested in 2011. Wonderful that they got their senses back when one year earlier they had The Mickey Mouse-Champagne ‘Ace of Spades’ by Armand de Brignac as the winner. First pressing only. 5% were stored in new French oak. 100% malolactic fermentation, 10 years on the lees. Will be similar to the ’99. Today minerals are excessive and a bit closed in magnum, but oh so beautiful it is! Extremely roasted almost flinty right now. Some people think that this is at its peak now. Strings of banana (!), chocolate, nuttiness. Butter fried hazelnuts, and burgundy-like. Acidity fades in the finish. I think this is a brilliant champagne if you want to know what a typical Comtes de Champagne is. This vintage has everything what I expect.’

RJ 92(94)

« the sthlm comtes de champagne tasting » may'15

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TASTING NOTE ‘Fantastically delicious and ultra-sophisticated. The balance has found its footing from the start. Floral, toasty, fruity, buttery, perfumed, honey-soft, refreshing, stony, elegant, crisp, toffee-drenched, nutty. It doesn’t matter which positive adjectives one uses. All you seek shall be yours! Good maturity even on magnum.’

RJ 97(97)


TASTING NOTE ‘Of course, far too young, and as surely far too tempting to drink right now because the wine is already mighty tasty. More width than length so far. More nuttiness and breadiness than exoticism in the current state. Is sure to be another classic. Starting to get there as early as autumn 2007. Clear as a bell and stunningly beautiful! 2011 perhaps the most drinkable and best of all 96’s. Close to full maturity with lot of roasted and toffee richness.’

RJ 96(97)


TASTING NOTE ‘A truly wonderful wine from the start. As usual, they succeed particularly well in warm, acid-weak vintages, when the neighbors’ wines often appears flat and publicly simplistic. Despite the fact that the acid is not particularly accentuated here either, the vineyards aromatic citrus fresh touch, manage to leave a fresh uplifting side to the creamy fat smoothness. The finish is certainly chalky and elegant, but it raises to heavenly heights with a 76-like butterscotch soft, warm, sweet flavored embracing pillow. Magnum is still undeveloped and crispy.’

RJ 94(97)


TASTING NOTE ‘Ultra-youthful, almost distressing fresh mineral and rock hard stony toasted. Everything is in place though and time will bring classic beauty. Unexpected that this bottle and vintage would be the on offering the most drinkability at the moment!’

RJ 92(95)

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